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The first step to implementing healthier school start times is to have Westport’s Board of Education commission a third-party bus consultant. This consultant would analyze our district’s bus routes and come up with different bell schedule options along with the related costs to implement each option, if any. Even if Westport did not end up changing its school start times, this analysis could pay for itself by identifying ways to make our current bus routes more efficient.

To see one of the two bus studies commissioned by the Greenwich Board of Education, click here.

By signing this petition, I respectfully request that the Westport Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Colleen Palmer actively investigate later start times for our middle and high schools and commission a bus study to determine what our options are for implementing this change.

By signing this petition, you are NOT endorsing any particular solution to this problem or any specific start time. Your information is requested to confirm that you are a Westport resident will not be shared for any purposes that are unrelated to this petition.

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